The Salvation Army Urges Coastal Residents to be Prepared for Hurricane Season

June 1 is the official start of hurricane season, and The Salvation Army is urging families to get prepared now.  Dr. Bill Gray’s April 2010 hurricane forecast predicts that this year’s Atlantic hurricane season will have significantly more activity than the average season. Gray estimates that 2010 will have 15 named storms, 8 of which will become hurricanes with 4 becoming major hurricanes.

The Salvation Army’s Southern Territory, which serves 15 southeastern states and the District of Columbia, is joining with the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) and local and state emergency management agencies, to urge residents who live in areas susceptible to hurricanes to prepare now.

“Salvation Army Emergency Disaster Services has to be a team effort,” said Major C. Mark Brown, Community Relations & Development Secretary. “We are ready, trained and equipped to do the most good for any community hit by devastation. This is not just for hurricanes, as our units have already been extremely active this year with tornadoes and floods across the southeastern United States.”

The Salvation Army is currently providing disaster relief and recovery assistance related to tornados and flooding in Arkansas, Oklahoma, Mississippi, Kentucky and Tennessee. Additionally, relief and recovery work related to the Haitian Earthquake will continue for the foreseeable future.

The Salvation Army continues to strengthen and enhance its own emergency readiness. Including training for disaster volunteers, maintaining a fleet of emergency response vehicles, and pre-positioning of critical supplies, such as clean-up kits, in disaster warehouses.

The Salvation Army’s Southern Territory has:

234 mobile feeding units, each capable of producing approximately 1,500 meals per day, strategically placed throughout the southeastern United States.

4 tractor-trailer field kitchens, each capable of producing 15,000 meals, stationed in Tampa, FL, Jackson, MS and Dallas, TX.

4 satellite communications trailers stationed in Atlanta, GA, Charlotte, SC, Jackson, MS, and Tampa, FL.  A communications bus is stationed in Dallas, TX.

5 disaster warehouses with a total of 332,500 square feet of storage space for disaster supplies.  Warehouses are located in Arlington, TX, Beaumont, TX, Jackson, MS, Ridgeland, SC and Tampa, FL.  The Jackson disaster warehouse was opened this year and the new warehouse in Arlington, TX, represents a significant expansion over a previous facility.

For more information on disaster training and volunteer opportunities please visit  The Salvation Army also offers specialized training for church leaders on emotional and spiritual care in disasters and how to prepare church congregations for emergencies.

The Salvation Army also stresses the need for personal preparedness, “Government, charities, faith-organizations and private industry are all working together.  But we can’t do it alone.  We have to engage the general public so that every family has a personal disaster preparedness plan and is also ready to help their neighbors, especially the elderly or those with special needs in an emergency,” stated Jeff Jellets, Emergency Disaster Services Director of The Salvation Army Southern Territory.

For more information on personal preparedness, The Salvation Army recommends visiting (sponsored by the Federal Alliance for Safe Homes) or (sponsored by the National Hurricane Survival Initiative).

The Salvation Army’s disaster relief work began in the United States as the result of hurricane response.  In 1900, The Salvation Army mobilized to offer food, water, clothing and other basic necessities to the survivors of the great Galveston Hurricane.  Since then, The Salvation Army has become one of the most reliable and active providers of disaster relief in the country.

For more information about The Salvation Army emergency disaster services program or to support The Salvation Army’s emergency relief efforts, please visit, call 1-800-SAL-ARMY, or contact your local Salvation Army Corps.  For current information on Salvation Army disaster activities, follow us on Twitter @SalArmyEDS.

General Shaw Clifton to visit Dallas and Fort Worth June 6-9, 2010

The International Leader of The Salvation Army, General Shaw Clifton, is scheduled to visit Dallas and Fort Worth, June 6-9, 2010. General Clifton, and his wife, Commissioner Helen Clifton, will tour several Salvation Army facilities during their brief stay in North Texas.

Included in the itinerary is a public meeting at the Dallas Temple Salvation Army church (6500 Harry Hines Blvd) on Monday evening, June 7 at 7:00 PM. This event will include music and participation by Salvationists (church members) from the Dallas area and will feature an address by General Clifton. On Tuesday, General and Commissioner Clifton will participate in a Rededication Service of the Mabee Social Services facility in Fort Worth and will also meet with Advisory Board members of the Dallas Fort Worth Metroplex Area Command.

General Shaw Clifton was elected 18th General of The Salvation Army on January 28, 2006 by the High Council and took office on April 2, 2006. The General directs Salvation Army operations in 121 countries throughout the world through the administrative departments of International Headquarters in London, England. As well as developing international policy and giving overall direction, the General also ensures the internationalism of The Salvation Army. He travels widely in countries in where The Salvation Army is active, and is an inspirational speaker.

In the United States, the functions of The Salvation Army are coordinated by the national commander, currently Commissioner Israel L. Gaither, whose office is at the national headquarters in Alexandria, Virginia. For administrative purposes, the nation is divided into four territories: the Central with headquarters in Des Plaines, Illinois, The Eastern with headquarters in West Nyack, New York, the Southern with headquarters in Atlanta, Georgia, and the Western with headquarters in Long Beach, California.  Each territory is under the leadership of a territorial commander.

Territories are made up of units known as divisions.  There are 40 in the United States and each is headed by a divisional commander.  Divisions consist of corps centers for worship and service, which are the basic units of The Salvation Army, and various specialized centers.  The functions of each corps include religious and social services which are adapted to local needs.  Each corps is under the supervision of a corps officer.

The Salvation Army’s military style is rooted in the militaristic spirit prevalent in the mid-1800s, when William and Catherine Booth founded the organization. This organizational style has proven effective in making the Army a highly disciplined and mobile organization, able to respond quickly and efficiently to human need whenever and wherever it arises, as stated in The Salvation Army mission statement:

The Salvation Army, an international movement, is an evangelical part of the universal Christian Church. Its message is based on the Bible. Its ministry is motivated by the love of God. Its mission is to preach the gospel of Jesus Christ and to meet human needs in His name without discrimination.

Biography: General Shaw Clifton and Commissioner Helen Clifton

Biography: General Shaw Clifton and Commissioner Helen Clifton

Commissioner Shaw Clifton was elected the 18th General of The Salvation Army by the High Council on Saturday 28 January 2006. He succeeded General John Larsson as the international leader of The Salvation Army on Sunday 2 April 2006. Commissioner Helen Clifton became the World President of Women’s Ministries succeeding Commissioner Freda Larsson.

Shaw Clifton was born to Salvation Army officer parents in Belfast, Northern Ireland, on 21 September 1945. During his early years he also lived in Scotland and England before attending the University of London to study law. After university, he lectured in law at the Inns of Court, London, and at the University of Bristol before entering The Salvation Army International Training College for Officer Training in 1971 with his wife, Helen. Shaw Clifton is also the holder of a first class honors Bachelor of Divinity degree from the University of London.

Helen Ashman was born on 4 May 1948 and spent her childhood in London. She has a Bachelor of Arts (Honors) degree in English Language and Literature from Westfield College, University of London and a Post-Graduate Certificate of Education from Goldsmiths’ College, University of London. Helen Ashman married Shaw Clifton in 1967. She was a teacher before entering the International Training College at Denmark Hill, London.

Commissioned as Salvation Army officers in 1973, Lieutenant and Mrs. Clifton served as corps officers at Burnt Oak, North London, and then, while awaiting an appointment overseas, the Lieutenant worked for some months in the Literary Department at International Headquarters. The Cliftons were appointed to Zimbabwe where the Lieutenant was the Vice-Principal at Mazowe Secondary School, and then Captain and Mrs. Clifton were corps officers at Bulawayo Citadel. This was a period of remarkable growth in the corps at a time of significant political turmoil.

In January 1979 Captain and Mrs. Clifton were appointed corps officers at Enfield, North London. From 1982 to 1989 the Captain was the IHQ Legal and Parliamentary Secretary where he undertook considerable international travel looking after The Salvation Army’s constitutional affairs and other legal matters. During these years, he completed a PhD in the History of Religion at King’s College, University of London. This research was an ethical analysis of The Salvation Army’s policies in time of war. Major and Mrs. Clifton were appointed the corps officers at Bromley Temple, South London, for three years.

In June 1995, following a three-year appointment as divisional leaders in Durham and Tees Division (United Kingdom), Lt. Colonel and Mrs. Clifton were appointed leaders in the Massachusetts Division (USA Eastern). In August 1997, the Cliftons were promoted to the rank of Colonel and appointed to lead The Salvation Army in the Islamic Republic of Pakistan where the Army experienced rapid and consistent growth amid deep political and interfaith tensions. In March 2000, while in Pakistan, they were promoted to the rank of Commissioner and in March 2002 they became territorial leaders of the New Zealand, Fiji and Tonga Territory. In New Zealand they faced the challenges of a highly secularized society.

In June 2004 Commissioners Shaw and Helen Clifton were appointed as the leaders of the United Kingdom Territory with the Republic of Ireland. Their term of office was characterized by an emphasis on reinforcing, under God, the self-confidence of Salvationists who live in a post-modern and secularized society. The Cliftons encouraged a renewed belief in commitment to soldiership and a strong emphasis on the distinctive calling to officership. In addition, Commissioner Shaw Clifton led the way in responding to daunting challenges in matters of finance and property stewardship.

The Cliftons are frequent guest leaders and speakers at Brengle Institutes and other Army events around the world. They consistently emphasize The Salvation Army’s holiness teaching. General Clifton’s training as a lawyer, ethicist and theologian has resourced his significant teaching and writing ministry. He continues to lecture in Christian Ethics and other topics at the International College for Officers in London. Two of his recent books, published by the Army, were released by Crest Books (USA National HQ). These are Never the Same Again – Encouragement for New and Not-so-New Christians and Who Are These Salvationists? – An Analysis For  The 21st Century. His sixth and latest book was published in New Zealand in March 2004. Entitled New Love, it is a unique collection of essays on practical holiness.

Commissioner Helen Clifton has always had a close interest in youth work, especially in The Salvation Army Students’ Fellowship. A schoolteacher by profession, she has kept in touch with the world of education and especially the impact of education upon women in the developing world. She gives much time and energy to women’s ministries and especially to the personal and professional development of women in spiritual leadership. She has been Chair of the Pakistan Territory’s Human Resources Development Board, and was also Director of the Army’s nationwide Mother and Child Health Education (MACHE) project in Pakistan. She was an invited facilitator/contributor to the Army’s international Summit on Poverty. As Territorial President of Women’s Ministries in the United Kingdom Territory with the Republic of Ireland, Commissioner Helen Clifton has headed up a Territorial Task Force to respond to human trafficking. Innovative programs to support women leaving the sex trade are being devised and piloted.

The Cliftons have three children and five grandchildren: Captain Matthew Clifton serving with his wife, Lynne, are corps officers in the UK and parents to Hannah, Elijah and Amos; Captain Jenny Collings, who with her husband, Marcus (from Auckland) is a Salvation Army officer in New Zealand with their sons, Hudson and Lincoln; and Cadet John Clifton, a member of the Ambassadors of Holiness Session at the William Booth College in London.

Shawnee Salvation Army Spreads Hope and Compassion to Tornado Victims

The Salvation Army of Shawnee has been helping victims of the Monday tornado almost since it touched down and caused mass chaos across Pottawatomie and Seminole Counties.

On Tuesday morning, The Salvation Army attended an early morning briefing to find out what the needs were across Pottawatomie County.  It was determined that the Army would provide some additional food items to the Pentecostal Church helping to serve those in Tecumseh.  On Tuesday evening, over 30 volunteers met at The Salvation Army to make sandwiches.  What a great group of people!  Everyone was ready to work and there was no one standing around.  Also, on Tuesday evening, the Tulsa Area Command loaned their canteen and large barbeque trailer arrived to provide meals in for the Seminole area at Seminole State College.  Several local volunteers and advisory board members helped with securing and picking-up donations from Walmart, SAMS, Vision Bank and the United Way.

On Wednesday, the sandwiches assembled on Tuesday evening were sent out to an area on
the Pottawatomie – Seminole county line.  Many of the families served did not want to leave their homes for fear of looting, and therefore, were not willing to go to the stationary canteen located at Seminole State College.  We encountered families who lost everything, homes, clothing, etc., some who had major damage, and still others with minor damage and loss of electricity.  A sub-division of the Seminole Nation were served lunch and dinner on Wednesday, and while serving dinner, their electricity was restored! The canteen located at Seminole State College served 60 meals for breakfast and 200 meals for lunch.  Dinner was also provided.  The remaining sandwiches made on Tuesday evening were disbursed amid other Pottawatomie county residents affected by the storms.

On Thursday, the Tulsa canteen prepared breakfast, lunch and dinner prior to returning to Tulsa.   Meals were delivered via vans to affected persons in Seminole and Pottawatomie counties.

On Friday, an employee of The Salvation Army’s prepared a hot meal for lunch and sandwiches for dinner which were served in areas in Seminole County with the assistance of Seminole County employees (due to extremely muddy roads).

As well as meals and hydration, emotional and spiritual care was provided to many individuals.   Beginning next week, additional services will be provided in both counties.   The Salvation Army Social Services office in Shawnee as well as the Thrift Store in Seminole will be doing casework and providing items to help displaced and storm victims.

There have been many stories including those needing temporary shelter for their animals, burial of farm animals, plumbing needs, and much more.  With the assistance and networking of many agencies, The Salvation Army has been able to assist in many different circumstances.

Major Michael Barnhouse states “We feel very honored to provide services during this stressful period.  We were blessed to be able to pray with several of the victims, and to give a “listening ear” for those affected.

Texting is now available to help tornado victims.  Text “STORM” to 9-0-9-9-9 to make a $10 donation to Salvation Army’s Tornado Relief Efforts.”

Financial donations are needed to support relief efforts.  The Salvation Army asks those who want to help the individual and families affected by the tornadoes to visit or call 1-800-SAL-ARMY and designate Oklahoma tornadoes.  Donations are also being accepted at the Shawnee office located at 200 E. 9th.   Monetary donations will ensure The Salvation Army can meet the most immediate needs of those impacted by the storm. Undesignated donations are assigned by the zip code of the donor to the nearest Salvation Army location.

National Salvation Army Week – Adam Janelli

As part of National Salvation Army Week, Major James Taylor and Major Brian Gilliam (DHQ) planted Salvation Army flags at the grave of Adam Janelli at Oakland Cemetery, Dallas, TX.

A captain in the Italian Navy, Adam Janelli first witnessed The Salvation Army’s work in Calcutta, India. The outreach he saw and the meetings he attended while in India were to change his life forever. Janelli immigrated to the USA in 1888 and eventually settled in Dallas.

Rough citizens of the frontier town of Dallas were startled one day when the Italian immigrant, attired in his Salvation Army uniform, began preaching on a downtown corner. That was over 120 years ago and today Janelli is credited as the founder of The Salvation Army in Texas.

Every time he had any degree of success with his street meetings, Janelli would send a long and earnest letter to the General asking that officers be sent to Texas to lead the work. The letter barrage got so thick that The Salvation Army’s work was officially opened in Texas in 1889.