Thank You Volunteers

National Volunteer Week 2017

Emergency Disaster Service Mock Drill

Our Tacos Heal the Wounded when Mock Disaster Strikes

Best Tacos in Town

Austin is nationally known for its love of tacos, and The Salvation Army is sharing that love with first responders and volunteers. Early this morning the Emergency Disaster Services canteen (mobile kitchen) pulled up to Austin-Bergstrom International Airport and served breakfast to more than 100 participants during a mock disaster drill. The drill was a staged plane crash hosted by the airport and supporting emergency organizations in Travis County.

Volunteers line up for hot coffee and breakfast tacos before heading out to the disaster drill.

Breakfast is Served

The Salvation Army canteen was equipped with five dedicated volunteers who grilled sausage and eggs, warmed tortillas, and prepared every Texan’s favorite topping: salsa. Hungry “plane crash victims’, covered in extravagant costume makeup and fake blood, along with our city’s finest first responders lined up for some hot coffee and breakfast.  With full bellies, the “wounded” and their rescuers got on a bus and proceeded to the scene of the mock crash.


Plane crash "victim" grabs a breakfast taco before heading out to his disaster.

Randy and Sharon O'Dell serve breakfast to hungry volunteers.Volunteer With Us

The local disaster efforts are part of the nationwide Emergency Disaster Services of The Salvation Army. The volunteers may serve locally, or may even be called out to a state-wide or national disaster.

Led by Randy O’Dell, our Emergency Disaster Services canteen in Williamson County is the only completely volunteer managed team in the State of Texas. We are working to develop a similar volunteer-led effort in Travis County.

If you have a passion for helping others when they need it the most, please fill out an application. Learn more about how we are raising funds to purchase a new food catering truck, also known as a rapid response unit, here.