The Salvation Army Austin Downtown Shelter and Social Service Center, along with the Christmas Cheer and Emergency Disaster Services Warehouse, benefited from the 17th Annual Deloitte IMPACT Day on Friday, June 10, 2016.

Deloittle Employee Volunteers at Christmas Warehouse

Deloittle Employee Volunteers at The Salvation Army Christmas Cheer Warehouse.

Employees of the Austin Deloitte offices arrived Friday morning to complete community services projects, including painting walls at our shelter and re-assembling shelves at the Christmas Warehouse to get ready for our Christmas Angel Tree program.

IMPACT Day is an opportunity for many Deloitte member firms around the world to put their passion, determination, and skills to work – letting their employees leave behind their laptops, conferences calls, and emails  – to do these IMPACT Day projects and make a difference in their communities.

Deloitte Employee Volunteers at Downtown Shelter

Deloitte Employee Volunteers at Downtown Shelter


The projects are coordinated locally by Deloitte employees.  “We do like to give back to the community; we like to work with them in a way we can to help the community grow”, said Boris Block, Tax Manager with Deloitte Tax Services Austin.  “We reach out to all of our Deloitte employees in our local offices to ask them for ideas and then from there we get to choose based on interest or a previous relationships”.


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Due to the generosity of businesses like Deloitte, we are able to continue to provide the vital programs and services at our emergency shelters and service centers (Downtown Shelter and Social Service Center, the Austin Shelter for Women and Children, and the Williamson County Service Center), along with an Adult Rehabilitation Center, our emergency disaster services and Christmas assistance.