Austinite Helps Feed Hungry & Homeless

Food Services Director, Sharon Powell with donated hams.

Food Services Director, Sharon Powell with donated hams.

Ten years ago, Evans Weaver was compelled to help the homeless. He drove down to “the Sally” (The Salvation Army) in Austin to make his first donation of 300 turkeys for the Christmas meal.  The Food Services Director, Sharon Powell, was so compelled by his generosity, that she sent him a special thank you letter.  Several years ago, Evans happened to run across this letter on his desk and that’s what brought him back that year to donate 100 turkeys for Christmas Dinner at The Salvation Army shelter in Austin.

Evans lives here in Austin and has donated 100 turkeys every year since, and this year he brought 60 hams. He has the thank you letter from 2004 and truly loves supporting The Salvation Army every year.

“His donation saves The Salvation Army from having to spend hundreds of dollars on food that serves up to 800 people. We rely on his generous food donation for our Christmas dinner for the homeless,” says Powell. “Without his help, we couldn’t have done this.”

Thank you, Evans Weaver, for your generous donations year after year to help feed the many hungry and homeless women, children and men in Travis and Williamson Counties.

Official Salvation Army Thank You from 2004, Evans Weaver and his daughter, Stacy Mangold

On the left is an official Salvation Army Thank You Letter sent to Evans Weaver from Food Services Director, Sharon Powell in 2004. On the right is a picture of Evans Weaver and his daughter, Stacy Mangold.