Jay Filderman – Honoring 17 Years of Service

Downtown Shelter Director

Downtown Shelter and Social Services Center

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Today we are honoring Jay Filderman who recently celebrated his 17th Anniversary with The Salvation Army Austin.  Jay is the Shelter Director at the Downtown Shelter and Social Service, a 242-bed multi-population emergency shelter and resource center where numerous social services are made available for men, women and children.  Jay is a shining example of the dedicated work that is done by Salvation Army social services staff every day, behind the scenes, as they quietly and earnestly serve those in greatest need in our community.

One recent story beautifully illustrates Jay’s dedication to helping those in need. This summer a man was dropped off in front of the emergency shelter after normal business hours with no idea whether there was space in the shelter. The man had several disabilities, and he was a veteran. When Jay discovered him sitting in his wheelchair outside with all his belongings, Jay immediately brought him inside and began the process of finding appropriate care for him, beginning with a shelter bed that night. Within half a day, working collaboratively with our VA partners, we had arranged entry for him into the Veteran’s Safe Haven.

These types of emergency situations are, unfortunately, more common that we would like as the population growth of our city continues, but we and the clients that come to the shelter are indeed fortunate to have Jay as part of our team. We appreciate and honor his hard work and that of all of his social services coworkers.

To support the work that Jay and the staff at the Downtown Shelter provides to the growing number of people in need in our community, please donate today.

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