Mix Morning Show Says Yes

Say YES! And share your story with us

Be a part of the trend! The Salvation Army wants to share your stories.

The Salvation Army wants to know how you said YES! Did you volunteer, serve your community, or donate to a cause? If so, we think that’s wonderful and want to share your good deeds with our online community! To let us know how you said YES! print your own “I said YES!” sign, write in what you said yes to, and snap a picture of yourself. Then post your picture to our Facebook page or tweet us.

A few of the people who have shared with us so far are Mix 94.7 Radio DJs Booker, Alex, and Sara and Country Music Artist Cory Morrow.

Mix Morning Show Says Yes

“We said YES! to Doing the Most Good for kids!”

Cory Morrow Says Yes

“I said YES! to teaching guitar lessons!!”













Currently The Salvation Army is saying yes to doing everything we can to provide shelter, food, clothing, and hope to families experiencing homelessness and addiction. When you say “YES” you are helping support these families as well. The Salvation Army thanks you for Doing the Most Good in your community for those in need.

To reach us via Facebook, find us at Facebook.com/SalvationArmyAustin. To reach us via Twitter, tweet us at @SalArmyAustin.

Click the sign to get your own, printable "I Said Yes! Sign."

Click above image for a printable “I Said Yes! Sign.”