Volunteer of the Month – Ben Kazda

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It’s More Than a Tip

Ben Kazda challenges all of his bartender and service industry friends to donate your tips and raise money for The Salvation Army or other charity. And he’ll be at The Dig Pub in Cedar Park, Texas, on December 8th by donating all his tips to The Salvation Army Austin for Christmas gifts for teens living in emergency shelters. Help him reach his goal of $5,000!

Last year Ben raised $3,800. The bar was packed with people and his goal was $1,500. Volunteering his talents and giving to charity is something near and dear to Ben because of the way he grew up. He would like to see other people come out and do the same thing this year.

Thank you Ben for wanting to help teenager’s in need of a fulfilling Christmas and making that dream come true.

Volunteer of the Month Jill Harrison

Jill with Colonel Dorris

Jill Harrison has led the Operation Facelift effort with dedication and is committed to making our shelter a more comforting place for those we serve.

Our July volunteer of the month, Jill Harrison, stepped right up when she saw a call for volunteers to help with Operation Facelift at The Salvation Army’s downtown Social Service Center.  Operation Facelift is an on-going project to refresh and update our emergency shelter which houses close to 5,000 men, women, and children annually. Jill quickly saw that the dining room which serves almost 350,000 meals a year was in need of a makeover. She took the dining room along with our Chapel on as a personal project.

We interviewed Jill about why she volunteers. Click this link to watch the video.


Thanks to Jill, the dining room and Chapel now have a fresh coat of paint, artwork, decor, new lighting, and a home-like feel. Our clients, along with staff, love the uplifting change and appreciate Jill’s hard work! She continues to act as an interior design consultant for us on other Operation Facelift projects, all while juggling her very busy career at Jill Harrison Interior Designs.

If you are interested in becoming involved with Operation Facelift, click here for more information.

Volunteer of the Month Sharon Morrison

Volunteer of the Month Sharon Morrison









Every month, The Salvation Army honors a dedicated volunteer for their hard work and for supporting our mission in helping those who need it most. It’s June, and we are proud to announce Sharon Morrison as our Volunteer of the Month. You can join Sharon as a Salvation Army volunteer here.

Sharon Morrison works for an agency that provides mental health services and outreach for people who are experiencing homelessness.

For the past 10 years, she has volunteered with The Salvation Army and leads a Bible Study every Wednesday evening at the social services center downtown. The residents are invited to be a part of a Bible study, join in worship music, and share their story. Sharon helps them use their faith to deal with issues they are faced with. She sees the importance of how they are strengthened by their faith in dealing with the challenges in their lives.
We could tell you about Sharon, but we thought you’d like to hear it from Sharon herself:

“What inspired me to volunteer at The Salvation Army lies within the scriptures and to be as Jesus was on Earth. To be a part of helping those who are at a disadvantage. To be a part of those who have been hurt and to be a part of their healing. To allow God to use us to demonstrate his love, healing, and whatever is needed to live a better life. I saw the opportunity and embraced it.

“One particular moment that touched me as a volunteer is that, you know as Christians, we rely on the supernatural power of God to help with situations we really don’t know what to do about. There was a lady who came into the Chapel and she was crying because she had become so dis-engaged with her family. She was also looking for work and everything it took to get her life back together. So, we prayed upon everything that she presented and a week later she came back to see me shouting with joy. She got a job as a Telemarketer and the first caller happened to be her sister. That is nothing but supernatural.

“Volunteering at The Salvation Army gives me a sense of purpose. It helps me feel like my presence is needed. It helps me deal with challenges in my own life and to work harder to overcome the things I need too so I can be present for the residents of The Salvation Army. Others should consider volunteering at The Salvation Army because there is a great need to befriend someone who’s at a disadvantage right now in their lives and be that bridge for them to get back on track, and be a part of the community.” – Sharon


Sharon Morrison is doing the most good in our community. We thank you for making a difference in the lives of women and men who are experiencing homelessness by bringing the light of God’s Word to their lives each week.

Volunteer of the Month – May 2014

St. David's Episcopal Church Bedtime Story Brigade

St. David’s Episcopal Church Bedtime Story Brigade at The Salvation Army Social Services Center.

The Volunteer of the Month is the St. David’s Episcopal Church Bedtime Story Brigade.

Watch the video interview with Diana Dawson and Betsy Crosby.

Watch the video interview with Diana Dawson and Betsy Crosby.

This group of lovely volunteers are our next door neighbors from St. David’s Episcopal Church. They walk over to visit us at the downtown shelter, our Social Services Center, once a month and read two to three books to the children after dinner. The volunteers are so much fun as they interact with the children, animate different parts of the story, sing songs, and engage with craft activities for everyone to enjoy. The best part is after storytime when the children are served a special treat of fresh homemade cookies with milk before bedtime.

Thank you for Entercom and Majic 95.5 for treating these faithful volunteers to a visit with Joey of the Broadway production, War Horse, playing at Bass Concert Hall. Joey is a LIFE SIZE horse puppet that stars in this show. Click here to visit our Facebook album to see photos of the volunteers with Joey the war horse.

On the left, Diana Dawson, Director of Community of Engagement with Bedtime Story Brigade

On the left, Diana Dawson, Director of Community of Engagement with Bedtime Story Brigade.

Diana Dawson is the Director of Community Engagement at St. David’s Episcopal Church and organizes Bedtime Story Brigade that includes six to eight members from the church each month. St. David’s has also organized an Easter Egg Hunt at the Texas Capitol for the children in our shelter. Thank you for this wonderful partnership and this activity for the children who are experiencing homelessness.

Thanks for the fabulous opportunity to honor our May Volunteers of the Month, St. David’s Episcopal Church Story Time Brigade!