Operation Facelift


The goal of “Operation Facelift” is to update The Salvation Army downtown shelter through the efforts of local interior designers and design students.


Under the direction of Lt. Colonel Dorris Gonzalez, The Salvation Army is getting a little “interior” salvation of its own. The ASID Austin Chapter has teamed with local interior designers and design students from the University of Texas, The Art Institute of Austin, Texas State University and the UP Collective. Together, these groups are sharing their time and talents to give the common areas, family shelter rooms, playground, computer lab and cafeteria a fresh new look. Please help ASID. Your donation to “Operation Facelift” will provide the necessary supplies to make over this inspirational safe haven!

Built in 1987, this is The Salvation Army Social Service Center’s first true makeover! Every day it is home to 259 moms, dads, children and single men and women. This is their home while they work to move from crisis to stability.

The goal of our project is to create a warm and uplifting home environment where adults and children have a pleasant place to reside. Children need a comfortable place to do their homework with proper lighting. We want to build an appropriate playground so that they can play with other children while their moms and dads regroup, recharge and go through The Salvation Army process. 

How Your Donation Makes a Difference:

$100.00 will pay for:

•    Coverings for beds in one of our family bedrooms
•    Reading lights for family bed areas and electrician to properly wire them
•    Ten ceiling tiles to replace existing tiles in Family Dorm area
•    Two light diffusers for fluorescent lights
•    Paint for two of the family bedrooms
•    Book case for newly designed common area in Family Dorm
•    Lamps for newly designed common area in Family Dorm
•    Artwork for newly designed common area in Family Dorm

$500.00 will pay for:

•    Chairs for common area in Family Dorm
•    Television for common area in Family Dorm
•    Coverings for beds in five of the family bedrooms
•    Bed-side tables for three family bedrooms
•    Closet organization system for two family bedrooms
•    Game tables for common areas in Family Dorm
•    Artwork for dining room (more than 400 people per day are served in this room)
•    Paint and artwork for chapel
•    New tables and chairs for learning lab
•    New shelving for learning lab

Have you ever thought about where that crinkled dollar you stuffed into the Red Kettle or that check you sent out of the kindness of your heart goes?

The Salvation Army provides a broad array of self-sufficiency services:  Here are a few statistics for 2013:

•    4,397 individuals were provided shelter at one of our facilities
•    607 of these were children
•    349,153 meals were served to the homeless community and those living at one of our shelters
•    497 veterans were served through our Veterans Homelessness Prevention Project
•    82 cents of every $1.00 donated goes to direct services

The Salvation Army is part of the solution to homelessness. We have a deeply dedicated heart for the homeless ministry and we strive to assist each individual to obtain stable housing and the resources they need to become self-reliant.

We believe we are all God’s children and have intrinsic value. Thank you for giving in such a tangible way. If you are interested in volunteering with us please visit our volunteer page.

Thank You to our many Operation Facelift Donors


American Society of Interior Designers, (ASID), Austin Design Community
The Art Institute of Austin
The University of Texas in Austin
Texas State University at San Marcos
Up Collective
Marilyn Roberts, ASID, The Etagere, original Project Liaison
Kristin White, of Junk Evolution, Head of the Art Department
Kristina Sleyster, ASID, Sleyster, LLC Contract Design – Volunteer and Project Coordinator
Jane Garland Lucas, ASID, The Art Institute of Austin – Student Co-Project Coordinator
Jessica Love, Allied ASID, Designer Showcase –Student Co-Project Coordinator
Margaret Norris, Allied ASID, Margaret Norris Design – ASID PR

Jill Harrison, Allied ASID, Jill Harrison Designs, Tiffany Heffernan, Barbara Mozejko – Designers
Robert Allen Fabrics
New Stone Concepts
Kelly Moore
Joe Perez Painting
Brace Drapery
Strong Arms Contractor
Green Light Electric
Randy Wreyford Photography

Courtney Whitworh, ASID, Whitworth Interior Design and Pam Olven, OC Designs – Designers
California Closets and Lucy Guilbeaux, Chief Inspection Officer
Benjamin Moore & Company
Shaw Carpets

Students of The Art Institute Austin, The University of Texas Austin and Texas State University San Marcos – Designers
Benjamin Moore & Company
Shaw Carpets
Rockford Business Interior, for Student Brainstorming Session meeting space

General Supplies: Clement’s Paint, Home Depot, Lowes

The University of Texas of Austin: Alex Webster, Emily Heitzwebel, Jessica Yong , Butool Jafri, Elizabeth Ashely Thompson, Amanda Heineman and Aurora Villalpando

The Art Institute of Austin: Jennifer Jenkins, Natalia Lopez, Alejandra Espino-Trillo, Tiffany Desirai Schimel, Sara Reichardt, Jessica Adair Schoen, Katy Kerbage, Fatima Zambada, Jacqueline Martinez, Miguel Vasquez, Jessica Alonzo, Bryanna Hastings, Taylor Henson, Ashton Broussard, Mycah Williams, Carolyn Morris and Cristina Paz

Texas State University at San Marcos: Corey Davey, Eleanor Smith, Yvette M. Trevino, Hailey Tedder and Nikki Garza


Julia Weichbrodt, Allied ASID and Greg Weichbrodt, Austin All Maids
Prosource Wholesale Floorcoverings, Industry Partner of ASID, Melinda Crouch, Operations Manager
Michelle Thomas, ASID, Michelle Thomas Design
Crossville Tile & Stone, Industry Partner of ASID
Tamie Glass, ASID, Tamie Glass, Inc.
Jane Garland Lucas, ASID
The Etagere Interior Design, Marilyn Roberts, ASID and Eddie Smith, ASID
PICO Textiles, Mike Zargar, General Manager – Fleece donor
The Art Institute of Austin, Fleece Blanket Making Event sponsor

Student Fleece Blanket Makers:
“A Grand Entrance”
Kent Barnes, ASID and Eve Barnes, ASID, Kitchens of Austin
Jan Niels, ASID, IDG Interiors, Interior Design Gallery
Priscilla Laffey, Stockton Hicks Laffey

Donation To Be Determined
FLOR Store, Industry Partner of ASID, Mike McKay, Store Manager
Marazzi Tile and Stone, Industry Partner of ASID, Wendy Irons, Showroom Designer