Summer Camp 2019

Summer Camp
Summer Camp
Summer Camp
Summer Camp
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The Salvation Army will send more than 100 local children ages 5 through 16 to summer day camps and overnight camps starting in June. Camp is important for every child, and it is especially important for children in our community who are experiencing homelessness or poverty.  We are able to to send our children to camp because of the generous support of the community.

“As you can imagine, going to camp is big deal to local kids who are living in shelters or in poverty,” says Stacy Schwarz, Assistant Social Services Director. “It’s one gift The Austin Salvation Army can offer them while their parents are busy each day working, studying or training to improve their employment.”

Summer camp provides stability and structure in the midst of chaotic times for these children. Whether it’s overnight camp for children living in poverty, or day camps for children living in our emergency shelters, camp gives kids a chance to simply be a kid. Activities include team building, swimming and swimming lessons, exploring the great outdoors, playing sports and games, studying nature and wildlife, talent shows, learning about God, and lots more!

Not Just for Kids

For families living in our emergency shelters, camp not only provides a wonderful experience for the children as noted above, but it also enables their families (often a single mom) to continue working or going to school, as they work toward their own self-sufficiency plan. Knowing their children are having a fun and educational experience gives them peace of mind as they work to get the family back on their feet again. The gift of camp is a gift to the entire family.

There are three ways the community can help:

  1. Purchase items (from the list below) and drop them off to us.  You can do this as an individual, or you can organize a drive through your company, church or organization.
  2. Go to our Wal-Mart or Amazon registry where you can choose something needed and have it shipped directly to us.
  3. Donate online and give local children the gift of cam.

We are in need of the following items by May 31 to equip our children to attend camp.

Athletic clothes
Athletic shoes
Swimming suits
Sunscreen spray
Swim Shoes

Hats or sun visors
Gallon Ziploc bags
Healthy snacks
Reusable water bottles

Contact Us

Please contact Donna Clendennen at 512-634-5921 or with any questions or to organize a large drop-off or collection drive with your church, company or organization.  Should you wish to donate by mail, please mark your check “Summer Camp” and send it to:  The Salvation Army, 4700 Manor Road, Austin, TX  78723.

It Takes An Army Donate Today Button