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Youth of all ages come through our doors. Some want to learn a new skill after school rather than go home to an empty house. Some need an adequate dinner or help with homework. Others just want to have a conversation with someone who is willing to lend an ear. No matter what the need – educational, physical, emotional or spiritual – we see each child’s potential in life and help them see hope for a bright future.

Click the tabs below to reveal the descriptions of each youth service we provide:

Character Building Programs

Character building starts young and helps determine who a child will become in life. Girls can attend Moonbeams (preschool to Kindergarten), Sunbeams (first through fifth grades) and Girl Guards (sixth through 12 grades). Boys can attend Adventure Corps Explorers (first through fourth grades) and Rangers (fifth through eighth grades). All of these programs develop a youth’s unique individuality and personal strengths, based on Biblical principles.

Music & Arts

The Salvation Army has a wonderful musical heritage and this is reflected in vibrant music and arts programs across Texas. Youth with a passion for the creative arts crave an outlet to perform, collaborate with other musicians and learn new techniques. Most Salvation Army locations offer weekly music and arts classes, and have bands or choirs where youth can practice their passion as part of a musical team.

Camp Hoblitzelle

Located approximately 40 miles south of the Dallas Ft. Worth Metroplex, seated on 1,200 acres of Texas pasture land, The Salvation Army Camp Hoblitzelle is a traditional summer camp program providing the rich experience of camping in the context of a Christian community.

Hundreds of boys and girls, ages 7 to 16 come to Camp Hoblitzelle each summer, most in one week increments, to play together, learn from each other, and grow in their relationships with Christ and others. Campers live in cabins with kids in their same school grade and participate in a broad range of camp activities, from athletics to arts and everything in between.

Camp Hoblitzelle seeks to nurture physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually under the guidance and direction of college-age counselors who have been selected on the basis of their ability to lead, love, guide, and care for campers.

Summer Day Camp

The Salvation Army Summer Day Camp provides youth aged 5-14 with a safe, structured and enjoyable environment to go during the summer months. While running, jumping and playing, kids will meet new friends, have fun and learn about God through Bible studies and Vacation Bible School programs.

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