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Coming together for our Back-to-School Supply drive

Some Central Texas families and individuals continue to experience daily challenges that threaten their wellbeing. The back-to-school season can place a tremendous burden on families experiencing lost wages and looming evictions, as they are forced to choose between paying bills or making sure their kids have the tools needed for educational success. To meet the […]

Back to School Drive gives kids the tools they need to succeed

Julianna was exhausted after a long journey from South America. She had endured poverty and persecution for years before making the difficult decision to leave. She was a single mother of two young boys. She did not speak English, have a job, or a place to live, but she wanted to start over in Texas. […]

The Rathgeber Center delivers hope to struggling families

Cathy and Greg were living a good life in Central Texas. They both had steady jobs. Their daughter Lilly was doing well in school. They experienced occasional difficulties, but nothing out of the ordinary. Then one morning, everything changed. Greg and Lilly were on their way to the store when the accident happened. Neither one remembers […]

Cold weather shelter plan

Here are the cold-weather shelter plans for the next several nights at The Downtown Shelter and Services Center. Be advised the temperatures are expected to drop below freezing through early next week with low temperatures near 10 degrees. This is a potentially life-threatening situation, and we encourage families who have nowhere to stay at night […]

A Snowy Shelter Christmas

An unusual occurrence happened in Austin on Monday night – it snowed. Well, at least it snowed in a parking lot. Children from The Rathgeber Center for Families and The Austin Shelter for Women and Children were treated to not-so-cold powder from a snow machine and a visit from Santa Claus in his sleigh. With his […]