Mike Nasi
Advisory Board Chair

Mike Nasi Salvation Army Advisory Board Chair

As Chair of the Advisory Board for The Salvation Army Austin Metropolitan Area Command, I am blessed to have a vibrant team of community leaders donating their talents to the important work of the Advisory Board. This Board helps amplify the important work of The Salvation Army officers and staff while also acting as a conduit for community input. This ensures that our work reflects the community’s priorities thanks to the guidance of those in tune with the hopes and needs of the sometimes invisible, and often forgotten.

On behalf of the Advisory Board, I want to thank everyone who has shared your time and treasure to support the work of The Salvation Army.  As Austin continues to thrive, my sincere hope is that we remember what attracted us to Austin to begin with – the sense that Austin has a heart.  This feeling is not easy to describe, but it is exhibited by how we both embrace the weird and honor tradition. The work of the Salvation Army helps us remember what is fundamental to that heart – a mutual respect for others and a refusal to let success numb us to the plight of those who have been left behind by Austin’s upward trajectory.

With the success of our capital campaign, we are building facilities critically needed to make sure the fastest growing category of homelessness in Austin, women and children, is served.  This campaign is inspired by the graceful charge of Evangeline Booth who said, over 99 years ago, “There is no reward equal to that of doing the most good to the most people in the most need.”

Now is the time for us to have our own call to arms.  If we want to sustain the heart of Austin and truly  “do the most good” in our community, we need to ensure that the new facilities we are building fulfill their potential.  Because we needed to divert time and resources to important Hurricane Harvey relief efforts this year, we are still catching up on the financial needs of our everyday work in Austin.  So, continuing the good work of the Army while fully staffing our critically-needed facilities is a major challenge.

This will take resources, and on behalf of the Board, I ask that you prayerfully consider what you and your businesses can do to answer this call.  Time is of the essence because the need is great and growing.  The good news is that Austin has the resources to meet this need and, if we do, we will preserve the heart of Austin that makes this such a special place to live.

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