Annual Report – Meet Laura Escobedo

Annual Report - Homelessness It Takes An Army 2018
Annual Report - Homelessness It Takes An Army 2018 Laura Escobedo

Laura has known great sadness and challenge: A son who passed away … a falling-out with her family … a daughter with mental health struggles. But it was a different anguish that brought Laura to The Salvation Army’s emergency shelter. Not long before, Laura was full of hope. Her ex-husband had come back into her life, and the couple started a business. Suddenly, he took off, and she was left with nothing.

“I really believed that things were going to be different,” Laura says. “The Salvation Army was real supportive.  They helped me get through that.”

Through The Salvation Army, Laura received rental assistance, allowing her to leave the shelter and move her family into an apartment. With help from her case manager, she is furthering her education, job prospects, and overall health.

“The Salvation Army is empowering,” Laura says. “They have everything for people to change their lives if they want to.”

Annual Report - Homelessness It Takes An Army 2018

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