Healthcare2U Delivers Christmas Joy

Jan 30, 2024

The Salvation Army’s Angel Tree program is a beacon of hope for thousands of families across Central Texas during the Christmas season. Each year, the program provides new toys and clothing to nearly 7,000 local children, thanks to the support of hundreds of individual donors and community partners. One of the generous partners for this year, Healthcare2U, has a distinctive story about their involvement in the program and the significance it holds for them. 

Misty, an employee at Healthcare2U, has an inspiring story that began with her being a recipient of The Salvation Army's Angel Tree program during her childhood. Her personal encounter with The Salvation Army's generosity made a lasting impact on her and inspired her to become a force for change in her community. When Misty was in high school, she adopted an Angel from the program that once provided her with crucial support. She then discovered that the child she had “adopted” was someone she knew personally. This connection deepened her understanding that those in need are not distant, but often people within our own circles. 

As Misty transitioned into adulthood, she joined the team at Healthcare2U. Eager to give back, she pitched the idea to the CEO, Andy, of involving the company in The Salvation Army’s Angel Tree program. With Andy's support, the team decided to dress up, featuring characters like Santa and an elf, and deliver their donations in a Jeep "sleigh." It was a sight to behold, and the children absolutely loved it! Andy’s support and significant contributions demonstrate the importance of leadership in fostering a culture of generosity within the company. 

The involvement of Healthcare2U in The Salvation Army's Angel Tree program has not only benefited the recipients but has also created a sense of community and joy within their office. The company's decision to dress up during the gift drop-off added a festive and personal touch to the event. This has become a yearly tradition for Healthcare2U, with plans to continue in the future. The story of Misty, Andy, and the entire company serves as a wonderful example of how a simple act of kindness can grow into a meaningful tradition that brings joy to both givers and receivers. 

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