Schwab Volunteer Week

Jun 3, 2024

Charles Schwab's annual celebration of Schwab Volunteer Week is a testament to their commitment to community engagement. Thousands of employees nationwide come together to support hundreds of nonprofits, fostering a sense of connection and making a difference beyond the workplace. 

This year, 24 Charles Schwab Volunteers partnered with The Salvation Army’s Austin Shelter for Women and Children as well as The Rathgeber Center for Families to organize a memorable carnival day for families residing in these shelters. 

Volunteers organized over ten stations, offering a diverse array of carnival games at each location, including a relay race, ring toss, and face painting. With approximately 50-80 attendees at each event, comprised of families with children spanning from infants to teenagers, the carnival day served as a joyful respite for those navigating challenging circumstances. 

The highlight of the event was undoubtedly the petting zoo, which fascinated the children as they interacted with the friendly animals. Their enthusiasm was infectious as they eagerly participated in games like Connect 4 and spirited relay races, each child leaving with a prize in hand, adding to the day's jubilant atmosphere. 

Our heartfelt gratitude extends to Premier Events, Miscellaneous Rentals, Tiny Tails to You, and Shaved Iced Island for their generous contributions to this event. Thanks to the kindness of everyone involved, the children were able to enjoy popcorn, cotton candy, snow cones, and a petting zoo experience!  

The success of these carnival days is a testament to the unwavering dedication of Charles Schwab and its volunteers. Through their collective efforts, they showcased the profound impact of teamwork, bringing joy and light to those in need and inspiring all who witnessed the power of community-driven initiatives. 

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